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No Risk, Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad guarantee: If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with the service, just contact us within 14 days and we will NOT charge your credit card. No hard feelings. Period. Our process does check to insure that you haven't made an error while inputting your credit card number. However, we do not bill your credit card today. Your card will be billed about 15 days from today unless you provide notice to us of your desire to cancel prior to such 15th day.

Please note that we offer an on-line registration process that will provide you immediate access to our Members' only pages. However, if you would prefer to mail or fax a subscription form, you may do so by printing the page and faxing or mailing it to us. (Note: Our free and/or paid services are not offered to residents of EU member nations.)

Covered Call Service - $97/Month

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