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Summary of Services (cont.)

Div-In & Div-Out Covered Call Tables

The Div-In and Div-Out covered call tables highlight stocks which pay dividends and have a positive earnings per share growth rate over the last year.

The Div-In covered call table lists stocks with options trading in-the-money.

The Div-Out covered call table lists stocks with options trading out-of-the money.

We don't limit these covered call tables to any certain percent, however, generally they will be 5% or greater and will have 30-65 days until expiration.

By adding these tables we were able to add stocks that generally are more mature than stocks that may appear on the Out-of-The-Money and In-The-Money table, and hopefully a bit more stable. The theory simply being that dividend paying stocks generally have been around a little longer and obviously have some cash flow.

But, our members wanted more! ...

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