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about us

I created this web site in 1997 as a forum for knowledgeable investors to frequent for access to covered call options ideas. The impetus for this site was simply that no other site provided selections for possible covered call writing along with the various data many covered call writers deem as "required reading" and with quick links to other critical data fields all presented in an extremely easy to read and use format. Along with the success this site enjoys has come many imitators. Quite frankly, we are flattered.

Thank you for choosing us. We look forward to serving you!

President / Founder 

P.S. We are not brokers, analysts or otherwise licensed in the securities industry. We have created this web site as an information and research tool for you. Please don't take any of my posts as recommendations, rather, consider each post and evaluate it for its merits. We truly enjoy providing this service and we hope you will enjoy receiving it.