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We have been saving covered call writers time and helping writers of covered calls make money since 1997. This is the site for serious covered call writers! [ Click here for a quick summary. ]

"I have been using your service for 5 years and I continue to enjoy working with your info."
Lou Misiano

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Cut your research time by 90% or more!

At Covered Call .Com you will have access to eight (8) different covered call tables loaded with information on covered calls.

Our 5 most popular covered call tables are generated only after a review of the numerous stock and option combinations that mathematically would qualify for the covered call tables. We then reduce the number of stocks that will be included on these 5 covered call tables down to just a few covered calls based on our proprietary criteria selection process.

As highlighted in the above paragraph, in order to save you time and help you make money when employing covered calls we review all of the covered calls listed on our 5 most popular covered call tables and eliminate many of them before we post them to our tables. So, while other services are sending you information on the "fattest premiums" or "real-time alerts" without our proprietary screening and elimination process, we provide you with solid covered call tables which will jump start your research process.

We believe that a successful covered call writer should have several solid actionable plays researched and then be ready over the course of the next trading day (or days) to act on the play. We firmly believe such approach far outweighs the inherent risk of attempting to act quickly on a "real-time alert" on some covered call stock that you have never heard of with "big" premiums.

I must say I am very pleased with your site, the format and presentation. It is simple to use and the information is accurate and helpful. In the age where financial websites keep getting more complicated, your site is a model to follow. Keep it up. Thank you. Michael Revness

Once you have signed up, you will receive a user name and a password which will allow you to view the Members Only section of Covered Call .Com where the tables of covered calls are located. You will then be able to access the covered call tables from any computer anywhere in the world via the internet. Then, it is time for you to do further research on our proprietary screened list of covered calls. [Tell Me More!]

Please note that we have a free trial period, so after you have reviewed the site be sure to send in a Subscription Form so you can review the Members' only pages as well. There are several items that are on the Members' pages that are not available for review to site visitors. There is a lot of information on this site for you to review, please bookmark us now so you will be sure to return and review our entire site when your schedule allows.

Take advantage of our No Risk, Iron-Clad Satisfacton Guarantee! You will have immediate access to our website and all of our tables and information! Sign up today!